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  • Afghani Zahara Hash UK


    Afghani Zahara Hash UK Buy Afghani Zahara Hash UK Online. Famously known for its golden copperish-red color this hash is extremely soft and spicy. Made with the best parts of the plant with all plant material filtered out through the process of finer and finer screens. The effects are all Indica based. Strong body stone, …

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  • Ketama Gold Hash UK


    Ketama Gold Hash UK Buy Ketama Gold Hash UK Online. From Morocco, this is a potent indica with powerful effects. Imported from the famous northern region of Ketema Morocco this old-school favorite is known the world over. This can easily couch lock you due to the 100% indica content but with moderation, it is euphoric, …

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  • Madhosh Hash UK


    Madhosh Hash UK Buy Madhosh Hash UK Online. New to the team the name Madhosh translates to the Intoxicator or forgetful person. Either way, we like it. The aroma is a strong spicy diesel with a fresh, almost floral finish. So sticky and mailable it’s really easy to work into snakes for a blunt or …

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  • Mazar E Sharif Hash UK


    Mazar E Sharif Hash UK Buy Mazar E Sharif Hash UK Online. Mazar the strain is an Indica dominant strain created by crossing Skunk #1 x Afghani Indica and loved by both recreational users and medical patients everywhere. This Mazar E Sharif strain produces the legendary hashish known as “Shirak-E-Mazar” and “Milk of Mazar”. The …

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  • Red Light Windmill Hash UK


    Red Light Windmill Hash UK Buy Red Light Windmill Hash UK Online. We have never had any hash from Amsterdam but with this example, we are confident that this will be in the regular line-up. Lighter and red-brown in color than many imports. It is the nose that first stands out. This one has a …

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  • Saudi Eagle Hash UK


    Saudi Eagle Hash UK Buy Saudi Eagle Hash UK Online. <p>Cannabis like every plant, animal, and person that lives in the harsh Arabian / Middle East heat must adapt to the environment. Cannabis accomplishes this amazing feat by producing a thick resin that coats its leaves and flowers. This sticky goo, the resin is the …

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