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Bloom Farms Live Resin Cart UK



1 GRAM & 500 mg cartridge, 500 mg PAX ERA POD
Sativa, Hybrid, Indica

100% All Natural, Lab Tested, Hand-selected

Bloom Farms Live Resin Cart UK

Buy Bloom Farms Live Resin Cart UK Online. Bloom Farms collection is named after the freshness of the plant. Whether you’re seeking exquisite terpene-rich flavor or a mix of authentic taste and high potency, this curated collection begins with the finest plants from small harvests of thoughtfully grown cannabis.

For those who like to keep it simple, these blends take away the guesswork. Daytime (Sativa), Nighttime (India), and Anytime (hybrid) blends are lovingly crafted from handpicked cream-of-the-crop plants that are responsibly grown in California.


0.5g, 1g

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