Bubble Gum Marijuana Strain UK



Mood-elevation, happy, relaxing, euphoria, creative, uplifting, dry mouth, and eye

May Relieve:

Stress, chronic pain, migraines, headaches, insomnia, loss of appetite, depression, anxiety, arthritis, nausea, PTSD, inflammation, bipolar disorder, tension, muscle spasms, cramps

3 Highlights of Bubble Gum Strain

  • Award-winning cannabis strain
  • Mood-elevating property
  • Identifiable bubble gum flavor and euphoric high


Bubble Gum Marijuana Strain UK

Buy Bubble Gum Marijuana Strain Online UK. To begin with, Bubblegum is an award-winning cannabis strain with mood-elevating properties. Has a long-lasting euphoric high, and an identifiable bubblegum flavor. This potent Indica hybrid is named after its characteristic smell of fresh bubble gum.

However, the hybrid is renowned for its heavy full-body effects that leave users relaxed and pain-free. THC levels in Bubblegum range between 15-19%. Regrettably, this Indiana native hybrid packs a negligible CBD level.

Firstly, Appearance, Fragrance & Aroma

This hybrid has an identifiable sweet bubble gum smell. Its buds are dense with many bright orange-colored hairs and a frosty outer layer of crystals. The buds appear light green. Produce a sweet fruity bubblegum flavor with berry and cream hints. When it comes to taste, this bud has a mild bubblegum taste and may leave a sweet bubblegum aftertaste lingering in your mouth.

Secondly, Medical Uses

Regardless of its low CBD level, Bubblegum has significant medicinal value. It produces potent effects that make it an excellent treatment for chronic stress, depression, and anxiety. The hybrid is also said to be a perfect treatment for mood disorders. It delivers enormously uplifting effects that improve and uplift the spirit, leaving the user happy and in a positive mindset.

The bubblegum weed strain is highly effective at fighting insomnia. It delivers strong waves of relaxing effects that induce a potent couch-locked effect. Thereby,  leaving you in a deep and peaceful sleep. Bubblegum may also ease the adverse side effects associated with cancer treatment.



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