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Colorado Chem UK Weed Strain


Colorado Chem UK Weed Strain

Buy Colorado Chem UK Weed Strain Online. If you want to open your mind and find that inner peace you’ve been longing for, this is the perfect bud to get you there. With exceedingly high THC averages, Colorado Chem guarantees users a powerful high with long-lasting and uplifting effects.

It brings a 50/50 ratio so you can enjoy both a full body calm with a clear mind. Small to medium buds dusted with white sparkling trichomes. The minty pine flavors and skunky earthy aroma round this nug out like a brisk morning breeze.

This strain is best served when you can chill, as the deeply relaxing body high gives users a feeling of laziness with some even reporting slight sedation. Dive into your own thoughts and pull out the artist in you, because your creative energies will be flowing. Because this bud gives you a long-lasting high, daytime use is recommended.


3.5g, 7g, 14g, 28g

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