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Dab Lab Sativa THC Vape Pen UK


Dab Lab Sativa THC Vape Pen UK

Buy Dab Lab Sativa THC Vape Pen UK Online. NEW to B+F! This all-in-one air-activated disposable was built for convenience, is always the perfect temperature, ready to go, and is easy to use. Dab Lab’s .5mL Disposable THC Vape Pen is designed with the latest quartz coil technology for the cleanest, smoothest vape experience possible.

Each pen features a built-in micro-usb recharging port so you can recharge anytime you need. This sleek matte black pen is not only sexy but potent too. Available in 3 Sativa Strains: Pineapple Express, Maui Wowie, and Strawberry Cough.


Strawberry Cough, Pineapple Express, Maui Wowie

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