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Dancehall UK Marijuana Strain


Dancehall UK Marijuana Strain

Buy Dancehall UK Marijuana Strain Online. Dancehall is a slightly Sativa dominant hybrid (60% Sativa/40% Indica) strain. Created through a cross of the extremely rare Juanita La Lagrimosa X Kaliyah strains. One hit of this powerful lady and you’ll feel clear-headed and happy with tendencies to break into bouts of giggles and uncontrollable laughter.

You’ll feel intense social energy that’s creatively inspirational, offering you both focus and relaxation in the same instance. A mellow body buzz will envelop your senses, erasing any pain without weighing you down. These effects coupled with its insanely high CBD level of 15.85% on average with a THC level of below 1%.

This strain is a highly medicinal choice that’s perfect for treating chronic pain, cramps, inflammation, and muscle spasms. The Dancehall flavor is super sweet in nature with hints of fruity pineapple and a slight touch of diesel. The aroma is very tropical and sweet with a tinge of diesel and an earthiness to it.


3.5g, 7g, 14g, 28g

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