Death Star Weed Strain UK


18% – 27% THC


Uplifted, sleepy, relaxed, euphoric, happy

May Relieve:

Stress, insomnia, anxiety, pain, depression


Death Star Weed Strain UK

Buy Death Star Weed Strain UK Online. Moreover, the parent strain and root of its name come from Sensi Star, a legendary Indica has known profoundly for its high THC potency that delivers an overwhelmingly euphoric body high. The parent is no scrub, and Death Star follows right in dad’s shoes.

Mom, on the other hand, is the commonly known Sativa dominant Sour Diesel strain that is named after its potent, fuel-like aroma that is present in its offspring, Death Star. Sour Diesel is known and famous for delivering a hard-hitting, super euphoric high that puts consumers in a dream-like state.

 Appearance, Flavor, and Aroma 

Death Star is well known for its peppery, citrus taste that gives off a pungent, earthy smell. The earthy scent is because of the presence of Myrcene, the most common terpene found in cannabis. You can expect these dense buds to give off a hearty amount of kief by the number of sugary crystals that glisten across them. Always good news!

Lastly, Medical Advantages

However, even if Death Star is a ‘creeper bud,’ once the effects consume your body, many consumers report that all of your worries wash away, and you’re relieved of stress and anxiety.



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