Gold Seal Black IE Hash



Gold Seal Black IE Hash

Buy Gold Seal Black IE Hash Online. This local Gold Seal Black Hashish is pressed by hand in small quantities with the aid of tea or water. You should see how passionate the producers are. No shortcuts and no laziness. With a rich aromatic scent and taste, this unique hash made in BC is a must-have.

Decades of tradition are poured into making this. This Hash is sedating and hits you in minutes. This hashish or hash is all bud run. No wonder it has become a popular choice for patients looking for a mid-level intensity high and a great choice for day-time pain management as it won’t leave you groggy.

It has a dark brown surface and a lighter brown interior and is lightly aromatic, with spicy tones and an earthy flavour. It has a soft, malleable consistency that makes it easy to work with, especially after the heat has been applied. It can be easily rolled into balls or mixed and rolled into/onto your joints.

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