Hemp Blunts UK




Hemp Blunts UK

Buy Hemp Blunts UK Online. These pre-rolled blunts are made from the highest quality Spanish hemp and are totally tobacco and additive free. The high-quality hemp that G-Rollz uses to craft their wraps and pre-rolls results in increased tear resistance and better moisture retention for extra easy packing.

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Abacus Diesel, BaOx, Blackberry Haze, Blue Genius, Box wine, Bruce Banner, Bubblegum, Bubba Kush (indoor), Bubba Kush, Bubba Kush (light dep), Candy Jack, Candyland, CBG Bliss (Indoor), Chemdawg, Cherry, Cherry Abacus, Cherry Cheesecake, Clue, Cookie Dough, Critical Mass, Diesel Fruit, Frosted Kush, Frosted Lime, Fruit Loops, Gorilla Cake, Grape Candy (Indoor), Grape Diesel, Guava Berry, Hawaiian Haze (Indoor), Hawaiian Trainwreck, The Hempress, The Jack, Juicy Fruit, Kush Hemp E1, Lemon Abacus, Mango Abacus, Moonwalker, Miss White CBG, NY CBDiesel


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