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Jack Herer Weed Strain UK


19-22% THC


Body high, creativity, euphoria, elation, energy, cerebral high

May Relieve:

Depression, stress, loss of appetite

Jack Herer Weed Strain UK

Buy Jack Herer Weed Strain UK Online. To begin with, Jack Herer is a Sativa dominant cannabis strain that is 80% Sativa and 20% Indica. The average THC content for the weed strain rests anywhere between 19%-22%.

Furthermore, Northern Lights, while being a hybrid between Afghani and Thai Haze, is a pure Indica Strain. The weed strain is a winner of many awards worldwide. Those looking for something potent in THC content for natural pain relief may turn to Northern Lights.

This is due to its highly sedative abilities. It is recommended primarily for evening usage. The last parent to the Jack Herer strain is Shiva Skunk.

 Appearance, Flavor, and Aroma 

The flavor of the Jack Herer strain is every bit as natural as it smells. It has a unique herbal taste with hints of lemon and pine.

Secondly, Medical Advantages of the Jack Herer Strain

Patients who suffer from varying mental disorders can benefit from taking Jack Herer weed. It has been known to alleviate symptoms stemming from bipolar disorder, PTSD, and anxiety.

Jack Herer can cause bubbly, euphoric emotions and leave those in need of being instantly revitalized and happy.


3.5gram, 7grams, 14grams, 28grams


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