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Kosher Kush Weed Strain UK


22-25% THC


sleepy, euphoria, hungry, happy, relaxing, dry mouth and eyes

May Relieve:

stress, chronic pain, loss of appetite, PTSD, depression, migraines, insomnia, headaches, cramps, gastrointestinal disorder

3 Highlights of Kosher Kush

  • Award-winning weed strain
  • High potency and enticing flavor
  • Can treat depression, chronic pain, and insomnia

Kosher Kush Weed Strain UK

Buy Kosher Kush Weed Strain UK Online. It has above-average THC levels of about 22-25%. With such incredible levels of one of marijuana’s best active compounds, Kosher Kush can produce some pretty heavy and long-lasting effects. For this reason, users are advised against smoking too much than they can handle as Kosher Kush may completely knock you out.

Being an Indica, its high tends to be more physical than cerebral. Under the right dosage, this strain will relax your entire body and mind. Its deeply relaxing effects wash away body pain and stress. As its high intensifies, Kosher Kush may make you extremely lethargic and induce very deep sleep. Having said that, make sure to only smoke Kosher Kush in the evening or after work.

Appearance, Aroma & Flavor

Kosher Kush has large forest-green buds. The buds are surrounded by a whitish crystalline layer and a sticky layer of resin. The strain has a sweet lemony scent with small notes of herbal, pine, and wood. When smoked, Kosher Kush burns with a pungent smoke that might be a little harsh on the throat.

Medical Uses

As earlier mentioned, THC levels in Kosher Kush are pretty impressive. As such, this Indica strain has tremendous medicinal value. Its relaxing effects help ease chronic pain and psychological disorders. Kosher Kush can also treat fatigue, inflammation, asthma, and arthritis. Its relaxing effects can induce deep sleep, making it a great choice for people who struggle with insomnia.




3.5grams, 7grams, 14grams, 28grams


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