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Microdose Synergy+ THC & CBD Tincture UK


Microdose Synergy+ THC & CBD Tincture UK

Buy Microdose Synergy+ THC & CBD Tincture UK Online. You know what your body needs better than anyone, so we’re giving you control of your serving sizes with the new Microdose Synergy+ THC & CBD Tincture. Delta-9 THC, a naturally occurring cannabinoid in hemp, is best known for its recreational use. But THC also offers many health and wellness benefits, especially when combined with CBD.

Microdosing, at its base level, is “taking a small enough dose of a potentially intoxicating substance to experience its benefits without the feeling of intoxication.” Each serving of Microdose Synergy+ is carefully formulated by our expert botanists and features 2mg of THC and 30mg of CBD that work in harmony – the phenomenon we know as the Entourage Effect – to nourish and support your mind and body for optimal health and wellness. Each serving is one dropper, so you can easily adjust to take more or less as required.

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