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Moroccan Zahara Hash UK


Moroccan Zahara Hash UK

Buy Moroccan Zahara Hash UK Online. Moroccan Zahara is Arabic in origin and means flower. While this doesn’t seem to line up with a specific strain the hash has had some serious love put into the making of it. The bricks are small and soft. When breaking it apart the aroma is hard to place best to say earthy pine, diesel. The light brown, caramel color, and ridiculously soft texture screams try me right now.

This has never been seen here at Weed Depot and we are excited to bring it to you, finding the best is not easy but the choice to give this a go is. You will not be disappointed. We will let the reviews tell the tail of this beauty.

The high creeps up on you and is easy to overindulge on. We found this to be a medium-strong body stone, aware but lazy and floating. Stress and pain are eliminated. The aroma fills the room with a complex aroma and completes the escape. Narcotic in its total body sensation.


1g, 3.5g, 7g, 14g, 28g

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