OG Kush Limerick Marijuana Strain


THC: 20% – 26%, CBN: 1%



OG Kush Limerick Marijuana Strain

Buy OG Kush Limerick Marijuana Strain Online. OG Kush is guaranteed to improve your overall mood and spark your creativity. The strain induces a strong heady high that promotes focus and clear-headedness. Being primarily an Indica, OG Kush induces a very intense sense of relaxation that might turn into a deep and peaceful sleep.

Keep in mind the high THC levels of OG Kush when enjoying this weed strain. Its high can be exceedingly overwhelming especially when you exceed your tolerance level. Users report feeling dizzy and a little paranoid when they smoke more than they can handle.

Appearance, Aroma & Flavor of OG Kush

OG Kush has closely packed buds with orange hairs and sticky resin. This bud is known for its powerful earthy note that’s very easy to identify. Its smell also carries small notes of citrus and lemon.

Some users say the hybrid makes the surroundings smell like pines. Just like its scent, this hybrid has an earthy taste with notes of lemon, pine, and wood. Its unique mixture of scents and tastes makes it one of those cannabis strains you must try. Buy OG Kush Marijuana Strain UK


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