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Pink Kush Dundalk Weed Strain


Pink Kush Dundalk Weed Strain

Buy Pink Kush Dundalk Weed Strain Online. This is an Indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain with a 90/10 Indica/Sativa ratio. Providing an amazing combination of delicate, sweet taste and very strong body high. Pink Kush marijuana strain is believed to be a descendant of a widely popular OG Kush. With its powerful high and incredible coloration, the hybrid is extremely interesting and comes with a powerful punch from its THC levels.

To begin with, speaking of which, Pink Kush reaches up to 22% of THC on average. The nugs are green in color and beautifully sprinkled with pink pistils along with a nice coat of trichomes. This candy-like strain looks as delicious as it tastes.

The Flavor

However, both the smell and flavor of Pink Kush are heavily accented by sweet berry fruits and vanilla, with some floral hints that stay in your mouth upon the exhale. Pink Kush strain comes with an enticing aroma with some very delicate notes of earthy and woody smells. The scent fills the space for hours after smoking these beautifully fragrant buds.

Furthermore, medical marijuana patients love Pink Kush for its amazing body-relaxing effects that allow them to get rid of headaches, migraines, chronic pain, and nausea. Given its appetite-inducing properties, Pink Kush appears to be a great choice for patients struggling with a lack of appetite.

Lastly, the genetics of Pink Kush are heavily Indica-driven; that being said, the strain is recommended for evening and nighttime use, as it can easily put you into a deep and relaxing sleep. Pink Kush shows great potential in treating inflammation, mood disorders, insomnia, muscle spasms, chronic pain, and migraines.


Relaxation, sedation, euphoria, creative mood, cottonmouth, sleepiness, uplifted mood, happiness

May Relieve:

Anxiety, chronic pain, depression, insomnia, loss of appetite, inflammation, migraines, PTSD, stress, mood swings


3.5grams, 7grams, 14grams, 28grams


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