Pink Star Cannabis Strain UK


Indica Dominate Hybrid – 70% Indica / 30% Sativa


 Pink Star Cannabis Strain UK

Buy Pink Star Cannabis Strain UK Online. On the other hand, Pink Kush has an obscure genetic history. However, they claim that one of its parents is the famous OG Kush strain. With both of its parents leaning toward Indica genetics, Cannabis experts consider Pink Star as an Indica strain, with higher than the average THC content of 18-26%.


This plant has numerous huge cone-shaped flowers attached to narrow stems. Its thick leaves have hues of bright green to vibrant purple colors from lavender to violet, with orange pistils on the side. This plant has a high volume of resin, just like most Indica plants do. When touched, a person may feel a sticky sensation yet it leaves aromatic and fragrant odors.

The Benefits and Effects
Because this belongs to the family of Indica strains, users expect to feel sedation and relaxation after use. People, regardless of Cannabis experience are surely knocked down by this weed strain due to the high THC content. The chemicals that this strain may bring harm to our body, if left unregulated or unrecorded.

Medical Benefits of Pink Star

After fully consumed, smokers can experience relief from depression, body pains, nausea, lack of appetite, and stress. In higher doses, it can also treat sleeping disorders such as insomnia and other neurologic concerns.


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