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Purple Passion UK Marijuana Strain


Purple Passion UK Marijuana Strain

Buy Purple Passion UK Marijuana Strain Online.  Purple Passion’s beautiful buds are sticky green, peppered with hints of purple throughout. Have small strands of orange pistils. The taste is fruity sweet with spicy notes and a floral-scented smoke. It offers a gentle, body-heavy high.

For those looking for relief from stress or anxiety, this well-balanced 90/10 Indica to Sativa weed strain is known for its calming qualities. It can also help with creativity by keeping your body relaxed and allowing your mind to be open and calm.

Instead of being overrun by daily stressors and worries. It’s a great day or night strain either for recreational or medicinal purposes and is also known to be an appetite stimulator.



3.5g, 7g, 14g, 28g

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