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The Foggy Forest CO2 THC Oil UK – 1g Syringe


  • 1.0 g of premium CO2-extracted cannabis oil in a syringe

  • approximately 800 mg + of full-spectrum cannabinoids

    • Δ9 THC – 626mg

    • THCA – 140mg

    • CBD – 2.4mg

The Foggy Forest CO2 THC Oil UK – 1g Syringe

Buy The Foggy Forest CO2 THC Oil UK – 1g Syringe Online. Our lab-tested, full-spectrum cannabis CO2 oil is a premium product left in its pure form. CO2 is a non-toxic solvent used to extract cannabinoids and terpenes from the cannabis plant, creating a concentrated cannabis oil. This process allows us to be able to retain a high amount of terpenes and cannabinoids, giving users the ability to take full advantage of its medicinal properties. This method offers consumers the natural flavours of the strain.

You should expect this product to be a high-quality cannabis-based extract that will increase your lifestyle significantly. That’s exactly what it is, based on what our clients have said in the Reviews section. The manufacturing process is simple for this product – carbon dioxide compressed at high pressures becomes a “supercritical fluid”.


Sativa, Indica, Hybrid

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