Tweed Green Cush THC IE Pre-rolled


THC: 17% – 23%

Size: 0.5 g x 3


Tweed Green Cush THC IE Pre-rolled

Buy Tweed Green Cush THC IE Pre-rolled Online. Tweed pre-rolls are evenly milled, and machine rolled for a consistent burn. Each is made from quality whole-bud Green Cush, a Sativa-dominant strain with high THC potency potential with buds that are dense and covered in trichomes.

Green Cush is said to be a cross of ’89 Super Sativa Seed Club Skunk #1 and an Afghani Landrace strain. The sweet aromas come from a dominant Limonene terpene profile, also found in lemons and oranges, and balanced with skunky, diesel notes from ?-Caryophyllene and Humulene. Tweed 3×0.5g pre-rolls come in resealable, recyclable packaging, and are ready to go when you are.


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